Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dead Line...3D

Last saturday is dead line for registration for next level (actually the dead line is 2 weeks before but I can book a seat just 1 week).I still not registration now because British coucil has changed the time of my next course from 3.45-18.45 to 17.30-20.30pm. this time is too late for me.

I have to spend 1.30 hours from central pinkrao to my mother 's home (Bang Khun Thien) where I always stay when I finish class.I still think about next level but I think if I break up study English language my english skill will stop improves I don't want to start again.I still enjoy study with my friends (they are Nun,P'Pank,Aom,Green,Oat,Fon,Annie,Pae,Mind,Na,Nut,Kak and especially Edward,our good teacher).

I checked with British council's staff about the quantity of students who have registrationed for 3D.It has just 4 students I believe the rest of students still think about the time same as me.

Will you study english language with another school if you're not ok about time?.


Blogger N^u^N said...

Dear P'jeab

I hope you will learn next level with me,too.I relly enjoy studying with you.I think you are my best partner.

SeE U Next Level

N^u^N (Q_Q)

12:02 AM  
Blogger jeab said...

Hey Nun,

I really enjoy when I was your partner and I have worked in pair with you.

6:49 PM  

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