Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

I remember when I was young and don't have a job.I was happy every times when Chinese New Year arrive because I got the money from my parents,my relatives.The money is called "Ang Pao".We put Ang Pao in a red envenlope.Every year after I got Ang Pao I will keep it in my account bank.

Now,I have a job and have a money I have to give back to my parents and I will give Ang Pao to my nephew who is my oldest sister 's son (I have only one) Good Luck for me!!!.

My boss,they are The Chinese people and we have traditional that every year they will give us Ang Pao when Chinese New Year but we call Ang Pao that "Bonus".

I usually use Bonus for pay for my parents.

My mom likes to cook chinese food for eat within our family especially fried chinese noodle!!!.


Blogger momo~Feng said...

I expect every Chinese year, for I can eat "rice cake" which is cooked by my aunt, it's different with other,then I can also get Ang Pao ( It's also called red envelope.) because I'm still student now,so I don't pay money to my family, I just look around here, I think this is very warm article.

best wish

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Anonymous ed said...

I enjoy watching the dragon dances and the acrobatics that you can see at this time of year. There was a really big dragon, dancing in the street, outside the school last week.

Although in London we have places like China town and we do celebrate this event across the city, I am sure this festival is celebrated more in Thailand.

11:42 PM  
Blogger jeab said...

I haven't been to London.You know What are different between celebrate chinese new year in Thailand and celebrate chinese new year in London?.

I saw many times a dragon dances into some shop for asks for a money,they believe that after give the money to the dragon,it brings a lucky to them.

11:54 PM  

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