Monday, February 19, 2007


I wasn't work yesterday because it's still my chinese new year holiday,I went to a foundation at china town for donate a money.Every year when chinese new year arrives I,my mother and my sisters,we have to go to foundation or temple for donate some thing and some money.

I think a few thing can help the people who don't have enough things for use.It makes us feel happy.

What do you usually do when chinese new year arrives?.


Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Hello, "Jeab",
I see you tried to leave a comment for me on my AGU in America blog. However, this blog is no longer in use. Visit my current class blog at
Nina Liakos
An ESL teacher in Maryland (USA)

10:51 AM  
Anonymous ed said...

Doesn't your name mean "pain" in Thai? 5!5!5! Anyway I don't think you're a pain, you are my number 1 blogging student! Well done!

It's good that you get a holiday for Chinese New Year. I love holidays and I've got Songkran (Thai New Year)coming up - any suggestions for good places to visit in Thailand? - preferably off the beaten track as I don't want to see too many other white faces!

8:15 AM  
Blogger jeab said...


My nickname isn't mean pain in Thai.Thai people calls a baby chicken that "Look Jeab".My parents call me "jeab" it's because I'm a youngest age in my family.

I have never visited any where when Songkran arrives.I will joy Songkran festival at Bangkok.Every where especially Kow San road,there are a lot of people joy Songkran festival.

10:06 PM  
Blogger pankman said...

Happy New Chinese Year.!!!
I hope you'll get a good trip to US as your wish.
You are so lucky that you have a long holiday this week.
For me, my company is an American company, I have to work hard this whole week. :)


8:21 AM  

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