Monday, June 18, 2007

Nothing special

I was a quite busy for two weeks,I haven't been posting and leaving the comment. I miss every blog I have visited.

I went to Queen Sirikit center last Sunday,it has computer exhibition there are a lot of people there,it made the weather so hot and also had raining.

I have been learning a new course 5 times I feel a time moved so fast,I'm not sure I maybe not continue for next course.

Friday, June 01, 2007

2 Weeks ago

I was a quite busy,I haven't posted in my blog for 2 weeks.I felt I missing something but I still don't have a time to do it.

I have been starting a new english course,I have a new teacher and new friends.I think my current teacher,he is diffierent with my old teacher and also some friends are strange in my idea.

My new class isn't as fun as my old class.My old teacher still working for British council,His room is side of my room,I feel a little jealous the people there I think they feel funny like me when I have studied with Ed.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Busy..Busy..and Busy..

I was hard work 2 weeks ago so I haven't posted and checked mails.I still do the same thing everyday,last Monday my printer broken,it made me work not convenience because I have to use printer every day.

I didn't chat with my friend a few week ago,it made me so alone and I fell I lose something but I understand everybody had business to do.

I hope I will have a time for check my mail and visit to my friend's blogs.

My friend persuaded me to eat japaniese food,I saw a TV show about japanese food I think japanese food in Thailand is different from japanese food in Japan.I have bought sushi at the bar in the supermarket,it's a lot of rice and wasabi is not spicy although it's cheaper than japanese restaurant like Fuji restaurant.

Monday, April 16, 2007


The water festival's over,some people back to work today but I still holiday.After I went to the banks I have nothing to do I feel bored and want to go back to work early.

I have talked with my sister about India,she and her husband,they want to send their son to go study at there,I don't know about India but I have heard some friend said that some Indian people speak english very well,they speak english like farang in some area and the cost of fee is lower than another coutry.I feel interested about Master degree.My friend told me the cost for Master degree in India just about 150,000-200,000 baht which it's cheaper than study Master degree in some universities of Thailand.

I 'm sure that Thailand is grower than India and the life style in India is very different from Thailand.I haven't been at India before,I believe it won't comfortable like I'm in Thailand.

I think study english language in Thailand,it can help me to improve my skill but it spend a long time because I study just one time for week.If I study at abroad it can help me faster than because I must speak english almost all time if I'm the other country which the people not speak thai.

Do you know about India or do you have recommend for me.?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I have a long holiday for water festival,I used to enjoy this festival when I was young but I did not join anymore.I saw a news some teenage likes to play water festival by powder and some water which they may be dirty.I think it's a good thing if Thai people keep this culture.

I will be back to work on Thruday I think I will have a lot of jobs to clear.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

MY WEEK..-^=^-...

I have a plan that I should see a movie least 1-2 movie a day but all of last week I got out from an office so late and also a traffic was terrible I came back to my home about 10p.m. every day.

I have tried to watch TV but I couldn't because I was sleepy and so tired,I slept before the movie ending every times.

When I have worked the office I have found a time send e-mail and listening news in English language I think it's better than do nothing.

I got headache yesterday my office had smelly because a rat died in an aircondition which site on the wall,we couldn't bring it out from there.

Fortunately,I'm not work today because I have to make merit for my father and I have business at the banks.I hope I will have a time at the afternoon to go to Queen Sirikit Centre where has a book's exhibition.It's the most convinence if you go there on work time because the most of people like to go on Saturday and Sunday.The book's exhibition always is ended on Sunday I can buy very cheap book at the evening of last day.

I have a few things to post but I think I should keep them and post in the next day.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Job,New Experience..

I was work hard this week because our customer has placed a lot of merchandises and I have got a new job from my co-worker.This is my first time which I have to contact directly to customer,I think I will get a new experience and it helps me to improve my writing skill.

I still worry about my writing skill because when I chat or send e-mail to my friend I haven't worried about grammaration but I have to check again and again before I send messenges to customer.