Saturday, February 03, 2007

Guess Guess Guess

Hey eveybody!!!

I did post nothing last class because I couldn't get into my blog,I don't know why?,but I can now because Nun and P'Pank,they helped me.

I would like to tell all I was relly happy last class,I think it's because of lesson I like to guess there words which I never knew.I have read a newspaper,a novel,a cartoon in English language.Some time I don't understand what is that mean? if I can guess I felt fun but if I couldn't I felt bored until I didn't want to read again.

I heard someone said if you want to improve your reading skill,you should read anything not except the words on any products, they can help you.I have started read newspaper,after a few times I read newspaper I knew it's really difficult for me to start pratice. I have changed to read novel instead if I couldn't guess I will use dictionary if I think that word it's very important for that story.

What are your good way do you use to pratice for improve your reading skill?. I know some way it's good for someone it's not mean it's good for all but I think it's really good if I can share my way with you.

PS: I forgot to talk with my teacher last class that I saw he was eating dinner at the shop on the pavement .When he was eating it's look like delicious I think thai food it's very delicious for thai people and foreiner although original taste of thai food is very spicy but we can change to suitable for eveybody.


Blogger Na said...

I also like this game too because I played it in that class.I want to develope my english skill for readind medical textbook and this is a freetime for me to practise my english before 5th years medical term coming up in next month.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous ed said...

where was I eating?
Well after 2 years in Thailand - I'm becoming very Thai-like!

9:02 PM  
Blogger jeab said...

I saw you was eating a shop on the pavement,it's far from central about 1 station of bus.You was eating while you was talking with your friend.

2:01 AM  

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