Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hey all,

I'm not tired because I have worked just 3 days for this week and traffic wasn't terrible,it maybe because some schools have closed the semester.I have plan for this holiday but I'm not sure I can do everything I plan.

I'm going to wai leng nai yee,it's chinese temple at china town for donate again and I have to go to central pinkrao at the afternoon for study english.After class I'll go to visit my mother for dinner.

I will go shopping with my sisters,they want to buy the new clothes and we will eat sizzler (American food) if we buy clothes not late.

Do you have a plan for this week?.


Blogger ar-romdee said...

It sounds warm!!!
I 've a plan for this summer but I must do the final test of this semester.
I hope to spend times with my family this summer!!!!

3:30 AM  

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