Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yesterday,I was work at Impact Challenger Hall at Muang Thong Thanee,it has a jewelry fair there.Jewelry Fair at Bangkok has 2 times for year(about the beginning of March and the end of September).The third days first for business people and the second days lastest for the public people.

My company,it imports the materials,produces and exports the merchandises to another countries around the world.We rarely sale to Thai people.

I'm so exciting bec there are a lot of Jewelry company to show a new sample collection including my company and there are a lot of the foreigner.

How was your this week?.


Anonymous ed said...

Jewellery is the UK spelling, it looks so funny seeing the American!

Lots of opportunities to practise your English this week I bet.

Anyhow have you seen the film Blood Diamonds? It's about the Diamond trade, it's a really moving film, on a difficult subject, that was done really well...I thought.

12:45 AM  

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