Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Job,New Experience..

I was work hard this week because our customer has placed a lot of merchandises and I have got a new job from my co-worker.This is my first time which I have to contact directly to customer,I think I will get a new experience and it helps me to improve my writing skill.

I still worry about my writing skill because when I chat or send e-mail to my friend I haven't worried about grammaration but I have to check again and again before I send messenges to customer.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I was very tired last friday,I had to check a lot of new jewelleries and we had to close an invoice within friday which all of jewelleries must finish on sunday.Our customer is waiting for hand carries back to America and I was out from my factory so late and a triffic was terrible again (so bored).

I woke up late both saturday and sunday,I didn't have special plan I didn't want to go anywhere.I just want watching TV and check mails.

On sunday afternoon I still tired and lazy,I think about tomorrow (Monday) I don't want to go work.However,I have to go to work tomorrow because my job still not finish.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I was work hard this week because I have to check a new sample's prices the dead line on Friday.The most important is I haven't only this job, I have some job which I have to work finish each day.

Basel Jewellery Fair is coming again,I feel very tired every time the jewellery fair because I have to check the new sample's prices and make the quotation in the same time,everything is hurry.

I just have time to post but I haven't leave comment this week but I still pratice my english skill by listening a news and a song.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Company's Booth

I just took these pictures from my colleague today.I would like to show you all I think these are nice pictures.There are atmosphere around my company's booth.
I have checked my blog and my friends blog every day, I hope I will find the new posts and I would like to leave comment for keep the connected between me and my friend because our course over.I found that nobody hasn't posted anything.I think everybody still busy about work and job.
For me,I want to post everyday if I have something which I think it's interesting for other people and I hope I will find someone leaves comment or question when I check my blog in the next time.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Today is the forth day for my father's funeral,the first three days we wasn't exspect about the guests who were for join my father's funeral but I found many guests were in the temple.Someone I have never known before.

I was a little tired but I could do it for my father.

And you all,how was your this week?. I hope you were fine and happy about work and study.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I have just 1 time for 3C level,it will finish next saturday but I'm not going to study for last time because my father died I have to go to the temple every days all week for my father's funeral.

I believe everybody in class will has a question why I could lanugh in class,I still sad for my father's died but if I didn't talk about my father,it's ok.

I have started study at British council 2B until now 3C I was in class every time.This is my first time I won't in class.

I hope I have a chance to see you all in 3D level.

Have a good week.

Dead Line...3D

Last saturday is dead line for registration for next level (actually the dead line is 2 weeks before but I can book a seat just 1 week).I still not registration now because British coucil has changed the time of my next course from 3.45-18.45 to 17.30-20.30pm. this time is too late for me.

I have to spend 1.30 hours from central pinkrao to my mother 's home (Bang Khun Thien) where I always stay when I finish class.I still think about next level but I think if I break up study English language my english skill will stop improves I don't want to start again.I still enjoy study with my friends (they are Nun,P'Pank,Aom,Green,Oat,Fon,Annie,Pae,Mind,Na,Nut,Kak and especially Edward,our good teacher).

I checked with British council's staff about the quantity of students who have registrationed for 3D.It has just 4 students I believe the rest of students still think about the time same as me.

Will you study english language with another school if you're not ok about time?.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yesterday,I was work at Impact Challenger Hall at Muang Thong Thanee,it has a jewelry fair there.Jewelry Fair at Bangkok has 2 times for year(about the beginning of March and the end of September).The third days first for business people and the second days lastest for the public people.

My company,it imports the materials,produces and exports the merchandises to another countries around the world.We rarely sale to Thai people.

I'm so exciting bec there are a lot of Jewelry company to show a new sample collection including my company and there are a lot of the foreigner.

How was your this week?.