Monday, June 18, 2007

Nothing special

I was a quite busy for two weeks,I haven't been posting and leaving the comment. I miss every blog I have visited.

I went to Queen Sirikit center last Sunday,it has computer exhibition there are a lot of people there,it made the weather so hot and also had raining.

I have been learning a new course 5 times I feel a time moved so fast,I'm not sure I maybe not continue for next course.

Friday, June 01, 2007

2 Weeks ago

I was a quite busy,I haven't posted in my blog for 2 weeks.I felt I missing something but I still don't have a time to do it.

I have been starting a new english course,I have a new teacher and new friends.I think my current teacher,he is diffierent with my old teacher and also some friends are strange in my idea.

My new class isn't as fun as my old class.My old teacher still working for British council,His room is side of my room,I feel a little jealous the people there I think they feel funny like me when I have studied with Ed.