Tuesday, April 03, 2007

MY WEEK..-^=^-...

I have a plan that I should see a movie least 1-2 movie a day but all of last week I got out from an office so late and also a traffic was terrible I came back to my home about 10p.m. every day.

I have tried to watch TV but I couldn't because I was sleepy and so tired,I slept before the movie ending every times.

When I have worked the office I have found a time send e-mail and listening news in English language I think it's better than do nothing.

I got headache yesterday my office had smelly because a rat died in an aircondition which site on the wall,we couldn't bring it out from there.

Fortunately,I'm not work today because I have to make merit for my father and I have business at the banks.I hope I will have a time at the afternoon to go to Queen Sirikit Centre where has a book's exhibition.It's the most convinence if you go there on work time because the most of people like to go on Saturday and Sunday.The book's exhibition always is ended on Sunday I can buy very cheap book at the evening of last day.

I have a few things to post but I think I should keep them and post in the next day.


Anonymous ed said...

smelly rat stuckin the air conditioner, nice!!
Sabai Dee be Mai

6:45 PM  
Blogger jeab said...

I'm fine and hope you still teach the next level.Do you have a plan after July?.Which country do you going to?.

10:34 PM  

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