Saturday, May 05, 2007

Busy..Busy..and Busy..

I was hard work 2 weeks ago so I haven't posted and checked mails.I still do the same thing everyday,last Monday my printer broken,it made me work not convenience because I have to use printer every day.

I didn't chat with my friend a few week ago,it made me so alone and I fell I lose something but I understand everybody had business to do.

I hope I will have a time for check my mail and visit to my friend's blogs.

My friend persuaded me to eat japaniese food,I saw a TV show about japanese food I think japanese food in Thailand is different from japanese food in Japan.I have bought sushi at the bar in the supermarket,it's a lot of rice and wasabi is not spicy although it's cheaper than japanese restaurant like Fuji restaurant.


Blogger N^u^N said...

hey (Q_Q)
Keep Fighting!!!!

This week i have a lot of homework to do,too.I am very tired.I love japanese food very much. I always eat japanese food with my family.My favourite restaurant are ZeN and Oishi.

I agree with you that japanese food in Thailand and Japan is different coz I think that Japan has wide varity kinds of food and some special events...

Miss Miss

7:59 AM  

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