Monday, April 16, 2007


The water festival's over,some people back to work today but I still holiday.After I went to the banks I have nothing to do I feel bored and want to go back to work early.

I have talked with my sister about India,she and her husband,they want to send their son to go study at there,I don't know about India but I have heard some friend said that some Indian people speak english very well,they speak english like farang in some area and the cost of fee is lower than another coutry.I feel interested about Master degree.My friend told me the cost for Master degree in India just about 150,000-200,000 baht which it's cheaper than study Master degree in some universities of Thailand.

I 'm sure that Thailand is grower than India and the life style in India is very different from Thailand.I haven't been at India before,I believe it won't comfortable like I'm in Thailand.

I think study english language in Thailand,it can help me to improve my skill but it spend a long time because I study just one time for week.If I study at abroad it can help me faster than because I must speak english almost all time if I'm the other country which the people not speak thai.

Do you know about India or do you have recommend for me.?


Anonymous ed said...

Hey Jeab,
I'm going to write a long comment...first of all, has your blogger main page turned from english to Thai? mine has...I'm not happy!!

2ndly, India, big old place!! They have i think 4 or 5 main languages that are used in different parts of the country and many more local languages probably up to 100. English is the lingua-franca, used by everyone to communicate with anyone outside their native group.

I think India would have plenty of opportunities for English language development, mostly because when there you (or whoever from Thailand) too will have to use English lots...

Can you not adapt your lifestyle some more in order to get more English language exposure? I know you write to this blog, and hats off to you it's more than most do but can you do more while you're here...

You can find everything in India, comfort being one of those things (my sister's just been) but it everywhere else. I can give u my sister's e-mail if you like,

best wishes,

7:17 AM  
Blogger N^u^N said...


I know a little bit about India.My friend used to live there for studying in college.She told me that India is great for learning English language.Her English was improved(pronounciation and grammar).Moreover, It's not too expensive for us.

Miss U

7:51 AM  

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